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Arachnoiditis and Spinal Injuries

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Injuries to the spine can create numerous different complications that may require persistent treatment and symptom alleviation, causing a person to lose their old lifestyles in order to keep up with their disabilities. In particular, a bacterial infection or trauma to the spine can cause a person to suffer from a disease known as arachnoiditis. This condition can be extremely serious, as the pain associated with its development can be excruciating.Arachnoiditis is defined by the inflammation of the arachnoid membrane, which is one of the three meninges that surround major nervous system structures like the brain and spine. The meninges are essentially layers of tissue that support the basic functions of the nervous system, making disorders and diseases involving these layers very serious in terms of health deterioration. As the arachnoid grows in size around the spine, the effects can be permanently damaging to a person.Causing pain and extreme suffering to a person, arachnoiditis can cause nerves along the spine to adhere to each other. As the nerves stick together, the amount of pain that the individual can go through can be much greater than what appears in medical scans and evaluations. In addition to sticking together, scar tissue may develop on the nerves around the spine. Although physicians may attempt to treat this condition with invasive surgical procedures, the results are often impermanent and largely ineffective.As the disease affects the spine, symptoms are generally seen within the lower half of the body. One commonly cited symptom, in addition to chronic pain, is a loss of feeling or a prickling feeling in toes and fingers. Sufferers may not be able to sit for long periods of time, as control issues over the lower half of the body can make the process difficult.For more information regarding injuries or infections that can cause this disease and what legal action can be taken against at-fault parties, contact a personal injury attorney.

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