Motorcycle Accidents and Motorcycle Insurance

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The following article is motorcycle accidents and how they play out legally. The following is not legal advice, but rather a walk through of some initial considerations working on a motorcycle accident case. Always hire an attorney if you are injured in a motorcycle accident before you discuss the case with the insurance representative. What you say will come back to bite you without a doubt. Some of the most difficult cases to get full value on are the cases that the client spoke to the insurance company first. Either they said what their magic number is to settle or said the accident was partially their fault. Never speak to an insurance company without first throwing all the money in your wallet into the trash.Dangers of Motorcycle Accidents
One danger of a motorcycle accident is being hurt. We go into some detail about the different types of injuries that can follow an accident. Another danger is being left without enough insurance coverage to get treated. It is often the case that your own health insurance company will deny paying any bills because the other driver is at fault. If the guy who hit you has the minimum amount of insurance, then your doctors may stop treating you. So, now you are not healed. If they do finish treating you, you may have more bills than insurance to cover them. So, not only are you hurt, but now you are broke too. So, instead of calling a personal injury attorney, you will be calling a bankruptcy lawyer.Insurance Availability in Motorcycle Accidents
The other driver will have insurance. If the driver lives with a family member or spouse, then you can get their insurance as well. You may have medical payment insurance to help with some of the ongoing bills. You may have uninsured motorist coverage that you can turn to for additional coverage. If you live with someone you may be able to utilize their uninsured motorist coverage. In a personal injury accident case like this, no stone should be left unturned.Settlements and Verdicts
Because of the insurance available, settling a motorcycle accident case can be easy with the insurance company, and difficult with the hospitals. Because of the extent of most biking accident injuries, getting the insurance company to pay the policy limits is not that difficult. However, you can’t settle unless you can get all creditors to reduce their bills, as well. It always helps to have an experience personal injury attorney work the providers for you because we know exactly what to say and what not to say.Types of Injuries from Motorcycle Accidents
The injuries can quickly stack up. It is more common to be extremely injured than to not be injured at all. Of course, it is because you have no seat belts, no head rest, no airbags, no steering wheel, no windshield, and nothing else. It is you, the other car, and your flying body. Because of this, you are likely to be catastrophically injured. It is not uncommon for bike accidents to be fatal. That means that the injured driver passes away and dies. Therefore, broken bones are very common. Slipped discs in the neck and back are very common. Injuries on top of injuries on top of injuries is possible. The need for additional insurance sources should becoming clear.If you need to learn more, or have been injured in a motorcycle accident, you should contact a personal injury attorney who has represented injured bikers before. It is important to have the necessary skills and know how to handle a complex motorcycle accident case. Until next time, stay classy where ever you are.

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