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Architecture is (usually), buildings, cities and infrastructure (and similar). You can look around and everyone has their own opinion. You, as the style of the building or not, and all shades in between. Style of organization and order (though not all have the same amount of conscious organization), the region to develop systems.Systems response to business needs. The library provides a function that displays the word public. Accessibility is an additional requirement does not work.
If you or your organization is aware of the functional requirements, can begin to build a reasonable offer and the construction of three pairs of matching Construction.This than three pairs of wings of the building:
Organization (human resources and organizational structure), which is responsible for business processes.
Information and functions supported systems.
And non-functional can be solved with the infrastructure.
Metaphor of construction is not entirely justified, because the various wings and each floor has a lot of links ..How to play systems from companies in the middle of the floor and uses a central role in the organization. Structure of the system shows a lot of style and your priorities.This is a list of one or more of the plant, which can in an organization:
ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning. Internal Operations Management.
SCM – Supply Chain Management. Dedicated to managing information to third parties.
DMS – Document Management System. The flow of documents.
CMS – Content Management System. Organize the content can be distributed to all participants.
Human Resource Management – Human Resource Management. System, the need to manage human resources.
CMS – System contact information (e-mail, for example).
DWH – data warehouse company and product information.
TCS Systems – Telecom. Large parts of the voice traffic management systems.
..And so on.
If you think this letter is to the left or right on the second floor you can imagine that many of the powers in this area of ​​influence. All companies, regardless of their size, from the environment. First of all: Why is this important and exciting, all the worries. Information management systems to manage policy, have an opinion about how it should be. Our challenge is to manage new business and the systems to each other ..Until ..© 2006 Hans Bool.


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