Business Intelligence User Guide – 2 – Fusion and Data Management

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It is often assumed that the data warehouse is essential for any company, usually because they do not want that departments report directly to the source systems and decide that you can warehouse.Building Data Warehouse database large and expensive project, it should consider the real benefits that the leadership of the company may be taken should think carefully about why you are doing and what the lens can is.Maybe signal directly from the source system, to increase capacity, or the server improve hardware. Reprints and simply says you will get information quickly to manage people and that it may make sense, what is more, so they learn to their knowledge and understanding of the difficulties. This means that already solve many issues and problems, if you decide in a data warehouse to build in the future when it makes its reports excess directly to the operating systems that can develop very easily, because they now more information about the construction of storage . One of the challenges of data are usually when it comes to business intelligence, that the assurance to potential customers that their data is combined and analyzed to give the right information at the right time, guaranteed. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can know who are the customers, but we can not say when the customer transaction with you. It may be even more problematic if you have a number of commercial systems and power outlets. May have, for example, if you want to take a team of subscribers, and switch style cardholder and shop. You may not know that the customer will be some need for trade, although I have a subscription, so I want to use data warehouse to extract all the data together a unique perspective to offer the customer the landscape CRM marketing will be sent and can selectively accordingly.The problem is often to ensure that the CRM information and do not overlap, as with most CRM systems, duplicate data in all cases (of different kinds of names, addresses, etc.) contain tools for successful Integration of the CRM data warehouse and vice versa, because the data back.Another biggest obstacles that your company may face in implementing BI, are part of the user – for the staff to the data, which is the manufacture and use of the collected data to . analyze The fact that the body led to new tools does not mean that the remainder of the staff to handle not, you have the time, they do not see advantages for themselves or simply do not understand. This means that the implementation of the new BI solution, you need to understand their users and provide information so that they can use it. This is considered to be permanent, it must always be aware of what is and is not used, if you are, you know, why, if it is not just a question of spending on personnel has the time or the need to understand, need, to invest resources in order to solve this problem, or do not work when you really need to find an alternative. When users of that technology to facilitate the work, you will begin to see the value of investments. It acts as a second opinion, and if one of the users all applications for several weeks or months per share, which was soon stopped and the technique is not used for the absolute quality is always a risk, because you pull data from multiple systems potential.Data and a number of years, and it means that it is likely that the data in various stages ways.There were collected to ensure that the risk of exposure of the user data to be minimized as soon as possible, because of their knowledge, and they can decide whether the information is accurate or wrong.There many data quality tools can help if it were automated, and the data collected for purification. These tools enable you to combine and de-duplication and data can be used fuzzy logic, and directory browsing. If you are a unit of the product range, these units can be standardized, and there will be a challenge for clean data automatically.The first ensure that all data are standardized and documented as soon as possible. Business rules are documented and passed on to, and everything that falls under the auspices of the database program to manage, coordinate and most companies governed.In Finance Department is responsible for planning and budgeting in Excel, which means that the heart of computer systems. Planning and budgeting is an essential part of their information management through monthly or quarterly projections often feed in information management systems, preferably twice systems.These included in the BI sector is a decisive factor. This means that the data warehouse, reporting, process intelligence, business reporting and month-end planning and budgeting really are together, so it is part of the program structure and distribution of business intelligence, we made account.When days Mining and Data Warehouse multiple sources, often the same data a number of mechanisms that lead to the problems of duplication and inconsistency. The quality of customer data or product data is often combined with the main sentence, it is often the product repository. Often it is helpful if you can manage master data and put it in a program of the government later after the start of implementation of the BI project. This means that the information the teacher, you know, white control and administrative procedures and rules .

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