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Audio and video are great forms of media that can be used to connect to potential customers and communicate exactly why your packages, services, or products are what they need.

Through audio and video, a certain feeling can be communicated that is difficult to attain through text alone—whether it be the blood-pumping adventure of white-water rapids or a warm, welcoming country bed and breakfast. Use these forms of media to your full advantage in communicating the character and customized value of your business, services, and products to your potential customers.

YouTube makes video integration into your Web site very easy.  YouTube’s embedded code to very quickly and easily add video to your site.

Today we are seeing intriguing blue or green screen video productions where a person appears in video and talks to the Web site visitor as the enter a page. With this technology a subject is recorded in front of a blue or green screen. Actually any solid color will do but blue and green are the most common. Software is then used to replace the solid color with another video clip or a still picture.


Podcasting, in its simplest form, relates to making available a series of audio and/or video files from your Web site. These files can be listened to or viewed on your Web site, downloaded to the visitors personal computer, any MP3 player (not just the Apple iPod), and many mobile devices. You can allow visitors to subscribe to them through an RSS feed.

Podcasts are a great way of keeping your target markets up to date on special events, new package deals, industry news, etc. They are a great way of keeping communications with your target market open and a great way to establish yourself as an expert in your industry.


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