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If you are new to affiliate marketing and looking for the best affiliate marketing guide then this article is a must read. I started with affiliate marketing six months ago and was totally confused and frustrated with the overwhelming information on how to get started. My desktop looked like a spider web with all the icons and links to information, which brought more confusion than getting me into action. The biggest problem I faced was where to start and how to work consistently until I see results. One thing that I realized was that all the super affiliates had a system that they followed and a daily pattern.The huge amount of information available on the internet can easily suck you into a whirlpool and let you spin until you actually end up doing nothing. This was my experience when I started, therefore I want to share my experience and help those that are trapped in this same hole. After 3 months of trying and researching I accidentally landed on a website that was giving free information on how to set up an action plan for your affiliate business. This guide was written by Jennifer Ledbetter, better known as PotPieGirl.The guide is called The One Week Marketing Plan. In this guide she takes you step-by-step through all the actions you need to take to set up free advertising campaigns to promote affiliate products. Every campaign has a seven-day action plan. These steps are focused to help newbies to start making money without spending money. If you are on a tight budget or even without a budget then this guide is a must to read.Here is a short summary of what you can expect when reading The One Week Marketing PlanThe One Week Marketing Plan comes in 5 different pdf files.
The One Week Marketing Guide
The One Week Marketing Action Plan
The One Week Marketing Mind Maps
A Conversation With Nick
The One Week Marketing Check List
The Guide
The guide is 65 pages long and explains the whole plan and how everything fits together.The Action Plan
Is a 5-page summary of every day with resources to free tools to help you get going.The Mind Maps
This is a 6 page organizational chart, which will give you the big picture of what you are working towards.A Conversation With Nick
This file is 139 pages, which is an e-mail conversation between Nick and PotpieGirl. Here she takes Nick through every step to show you how a newbie makes his first sales. You will find a lot of answers to your questions in these conversations. Here you will also see how to build a squidoo lens to promote your affiliate product.The Check List
The checklist consists out of 6 pages that you can print out to tick off every step you have followed to complete the whole process.

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