Black Friday 2010: Ninja Vs Pirate Style – Which Are You?

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As you know, Black Friday is a crazy time of year. It is a time of great savings and great frustration. Full of Thanksgiving leftovers, shoppers around the country descend upon malls and large retailers to find low prices on a variety of products. When it comes to this big day, there are two basic ways to approach it – ninja style and pirate style. We are going to take a look at a typical Black Friday for both so that you can see which you are!Break of DawnNinja – The ninja is up before dawn – dressed, fed, and warming up the car before the sun even starts to think about rising for the day.
Pirate – The pirate hits the snooze button. There’s something about turkey legs that makes you want to sleep. The snoring is another story entirely!Early MorningNinja – This is where the ninja shines – in and out of stores and hitting all of the sales. Quick, quiet and deadly, the ninja is able to get most of the items on their list – cheap.
Pirate – The pirate finally awakes and wanders around the house getting ready for the day. Coffee is started and a quick Pop Tart for breakfast. Sales are the last thing on the pirate’s mind after the festivities the night before.Lunch TimeNinja -Most of the shopping out of the way – and with a lot of money saved – the ninja stops at Subway for a healthy five dollar sub.
Pirate – The pirate finally gets out of the house, deciding to get some brunch. After driving around for a few hours trying to decide, a place is finally found and dinner is eaten.Afternoon FolliesNinja – Shopping complete, the ninja treats himself to coffee and perhaps a treat. With a leisurely drive through town, he heads home with the trunk full.
Pirate – Still a little tired and confused – but less hungry – the pirate begins to think about what to get everyone he knows. At this point, they usually start to worry when they find the sales papers and realize they have missed most of the sales.Evening of PillagingNinja – The ninja is at home enjoying television with friends and family – perhaps finally cracking open that ’84 Pinot.
Pirate – Frantic, for at least one or two gifts on the list, the pirate begins to pillage stores, rustling through whatever is left. They usually can find one or two deals, but sometimes they need to battle an old lady to get the last one.After HoursNinja – All presents and gifts neatly stored in labeled boxes, the ninja sits down for a glass of eggnog and some Christmas carols.
Pirate – With two large pepperoni pizzas and a case of soda, the pirate arrives at his home with about a third of his list completed.While you may think one or the other crazy, the important part is that both the ninja and pirate enjoyed their day. There could have been a little less pillaging from the pirate perhaps, but all is well that ends well, right? Before you head out for holiday shopping this Black Friday, remember who you are!

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