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The case of corporate blogs has made loud and clear. A business strategy well implemented blogs creates a valuable point of interaction with customers and prospects, a “thought leader ” reputation of the company and a lot of “the food content ” to absorb search engines. Have, however, lower first toe in the pool blogs can be a difficult task, and tons of companies will find it difficult to determine where the check ‘s best start.It the overall objectives of the first blog: A blog Social is a blog provides valuable content for the reader A blog is constantly updated with new content. A blog gives value to its owner, commonly as a “new ” in the blog Industrya intellectual property assets, related to the area of ​​your company ‘s and are constantly updated with the content will do wonders for your search engines, without paying an SEO company thousands of dollars to connect keywords. All search engines love fresh, new content, so a website that will be responsible for your domain with getting a new life to increase your text “authority ” and the level of relevance to engines research. The blog is even more difficult when working with other pages “Authorities ” or Startup “expert ” on the topic links to your blogContributions. These other sites are actually from “Karma search ” is your blog, which reflects well on your power company domain.The Time and PassionThe only real factor in the success of a blog content. The author of the blog ‘s and must be passionate about the material available to write too. Often, a business of their marketing coordinator, public relations primary person or someone else, the attraction ‘is already a full plate and say “Congratulations, you ‘ re our new blogger .” For some of them as you would say “Hello, we are the government, we ‘s here Help”, in fact, it’s not really a promotion, but a brake on their time. Blogging takes time and a writer who wants to write. If blogging is something that is usually used of people “in press ” reluctantly come among other things, it ‘s going on in the letter, and the reader is to connect the feeling of lack of interest in your company . “So … What shall I write? ” A common misconception is that the blog topics should flow like wine from the imagination of the author. Unless you ‘re very passionate about your subject, find uniquescary and interesting topics on a weekly basis (or more frequent) can. Use your audience. Think about the types of people who visit your blog, and would know where they ‘play ‘ online. Check blogs and forums in the industry. Search Twitter and Facebook for common keywords in your business. Think about what you often hear clients. Assign someone to point out relevant issues and ask others to write about them. Good writers need topics that ‘s all, most of these “take on fuel ” and make you a calendar. Plan 10, 12 or 24 posts in advance. If you said “I ‘am going to write a blog post a week, ” frankly, you won ‘ t stress to sit down and find a subject will be too. However, if you ‘ve got a temporary list of pre-selected topics that you only need to grow, the task is much more accessible. Leave it with some subjects, the ” in the pocket” in the future and , so you need never be made from the “fuel “. As important current events, pop-up messages or time-critical always obvious,You can easily maneuver your schedule.Don after ‘s forget the ” social.” The human instinct to belong to social groups, it ‘s the reason why we join sports teams and clubs. Well, if they intend to “Social media ” most people immediately think of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other networking sites. Recalling that some of the blogs and social media world is a long way to make your blog popular and securing repeat visitors.To your blog go to a real social interaction, you need traffic. To attract this traffic to blogs, forums and networking sites, where did you research your topic. You create accounts and make sure you include a link to your blog in your signature and / or profile. Now talk! Take part in discussions, a link to your own blog (only if necessary: ​​Don ‘t spam). “Insider information ” and offer valuable ‘ t speak to a representative of a corporation ‘s n t even mention your business. They communicate only interested in another user in the subject at hand. If you provide useful information for the community, they ‘s left-click and follow it back home.Once ‘ s to your site, you ‘veis to engage your audience. Or “Comment Bait ” look forward to your contributions, questions directly to the commentators, following opinions, and as much as possible. If you look interested and active in the community, the community will react. For your blog in the future, simply repeat these steps and maintain the community. Do you have your audience research, write valuable posts and participate in communities and off your website. Once you get into the routine maintenance of the blog attention, the content will flow and the steps to be huge first you.By miles behind Eric Rice

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