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This book is the accumulation of over 4 years of my trial and error with online marketing. It is not an instruction manual, it is a guide, a manual in the loose sense of something to help you make educated choices, rather than babysitting you through them all. Nothing can give you all the answers, online marketing is too big a subject. What I can do is help you get through the initial learning process, and without making the mistakes I made. Yes, I do want to make money from you. I will not say the same stupid thing the online marketing gurus say, that I don’t need your money and I’m only charging to make sure you are serious because the knowledge is so powerful I can’t just give it away. BS, I know stuff you want to know, I’ve made mistakes and lived and learned and you want to keep from making those mistakes. I wrote and am selling this book to help you while making money. I may not have as good a sales pitch as those guys, but I am honest. I will always shoot straight

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Marketing Guide Book

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