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Poor Credit Home Equity Loans – What are Your Options?

If your credit is less than perfect, you probably think that it is impossible to get approved for a...

Secured Debt Consolidation Loans: Bringing Down Your Debt Count to Zero

It is unlikely that while growing up you would not have heard that there is strength in unity. Well...

Does Debt Consolidation Include Student Loans? Student Aid

There are many types of debt consolidation programs in the world at present. When people think of the word...

If you have a specific information requirement and a definable audience, it is likely you can collect useful survey data. In order to use survey results to make business decisions, you must design a non-biased questionnaire. Doing so requires attention to detail and significant expertise. There are many good books available on questionnaire design and initiating a survey. However, if you are depending on the survey to assist you with a costly decision, you may want to consider hiring a professional marketing research firm. Surveys are typically used when statistical significance is required. Disadvantage: Survey design and implementation are usually expensive.

However, community colleges and universities have marketing management programs where students can be hired on a confidential consulting basis as part of their curriculum. The students do not have the experience of professional firms, but will often do a reasonable job at little cost. Do your homework before embarking on a survey. Assure you will get the information you require.


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