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City of Wonder is a game that includes strategies and calculations. That grow well, which to construct buildings in the exchange, trade, or attack. These are some of the dilemmas of the City players face perfectly. Many people face the constant problem of people unhappy. And as a result, the city can ‘t advance, because people here do increase.Now ‘ s the thing, you can decide whether to make money and have your people miserable for a short time, or you can balance. Make less money and have people happier. At the end of the day he returns to calculate your very own. Well, personally I prefer balance. There are others who use their own different ways, but I think to have a happy population as important as reaching the game.I can do this because I know the building at the same time of happiness and good value for money. I also know that to grow reasonably well on my own schedule. It’s really that simple. I thought I was not quick or progress in the game. But to say that Don ‘t let anyone think that the levelingand earn coins is a slow and painful. It only takes a few changes in your game to play, and you will see significant results. These little things are what make the top players, but we knowing.As long as you implement the right strategy, you will be level in a short time in the City of Wonder.

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