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Consolidation Debt Loan School – Learn The Facts – Don’t Get Left In The Dark

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As a student, it can be hard to keep track of the various loans you have taken out, their interest rates and monthly payments. The solution? Student loan consolidation. Student loan consolidation means that all the loans you currently owe are brought into one main account and you pay just one monthly payment at a fixed interest rate.Many banks currently offer the option of student loan consolidation through their loan consolidation programs. Any federal student loans that you have out can be incorporated into the program and they will allow you to have a fixed interest rate, based on the average of all the interest rates. Some banks even offer special deals for student loan consolidation accounts, where the interest rate may be as low as 3-4%.Student loan consolidation may only be available after you finish school. Since many loans are not payable during the study period, this shouldn’t affect students. However, it is a great idea to shop around for your options before you have to make those first payments after graduation! This helps ensure that you have everything organized before it has a chance to get out of control.There are many advantages to student loan consolidation. You will find that your interest rates are lower, saving you money, as well as saving time since you won’t be trying to figure out which loans you have already paid for the month and which still need a check. It is well worth setting up a consolidation account today.

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