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As far as debt is concerned, one of the biggest advantages that homeowners have over non-homeowners is that they can go in for a debt consolidation mortgage loan. A home makes an excellent, if slightly risky, resource for obtaining a low interest loan.Debt consolidation mortgage loans work by allowing homeowners the luxury of refinancing their existing mortgage in order to get a cash loan that allows them to pay off their high-interest debts such as credit cards. This allows the borrower to pay one payment every month towards the mortgage, making the task of budgeting that much easier. This loan also helps the borrower save money because the specter of late fees no longer exists. Lower interest rates on the mortgage loan would also result in substantial savings.However, debt consolidation mortgage loans are not for everybody. For homeowners with bad credit or a history of late payments, the refinanced mortgage may actually carry a larger interest rate than what one is currently paying. This can result in the monthly mortgage payments shooting up, sometimes by as much s 30%. The borrower would benefit only if this inflated amount is still lower than the sum of all the amounts he is currently shelling out for various credit card payments, bills, etc. If, however, this is not the case, then the borrower has only succeeded in enlarging his debt trap.Despite the risk factor, debt consolidation mortgage loans are definitely a better option when compared to bankruptcy, which has the capacity to ruin one’s credit report and, in some cases, even force the debtor to forfeit his home as a part of the bankruptcy settlement process.When applying for a debt consolidation mortgage loan, the value of the home is the primary factor that determines the amount of money the homeowner would be eligible for.Before selecting a debt consolidation mortgage company, it is imperative for the borrower to conduct his own research and gain sufficient knowledge of the various terms and procedures used, in order to avoid getting ripped off.

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