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Different Kinds of Home Equity Loans

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Need cash fast but can’t find the right resources? Or perhaps because you have a not so decent credit score? Whichever the case maybe, home equity loan might be the right fit for you. Of course, this only applies if you own a home.Unlike the usual refinancing, these are just small loans which allow a borrower to pay an existing loan. While refinances take quite a while to process, home equity loans are more efficient. Since the equity of the borrower’s house serves as the main collateral, lenders feel more secured hence release the loan quickly. This means that in the event you are unable to settle the payment, you will be at risk of losing ownership of your house.There are certain types of home equity loan such as Home Equity Loans, Home Equity Lines of Credit and Bridge Loans.Home Equity Loans
Similar to conventional loans, it is a type of loan that uses equity as collateral. It is the difference between the value of your house and the total amount of money you have paid. To illustrate, if the appraisal value of your house is $300,000 and your mortgage balance is $200,000, your equity is $100,000. Equity is inversely proportional with your mortgage balance; which means that as your equity goes higher, your mortgage balance decreases.With home equity loans, the lender gives the complete amount of loan which will be paid back by the borrower in an installment basis. In most cases, it comes with a fixed interest rate.Some of the many benefits of home equity loans include longer terms which could reach up to 15 years, it comes with a fixed rate so there is no guessing game, and you can borrow the full amount of the equity. People choose it to pay for college education, home improvement or to purchase any consumer goods.HELOC
Unlike the home equity loan, the HELOC or home equity line of credit doesn’t involve a one-time release of the applied loan. It is basically like a credit card process; a line of credit. This means that if you don’t spend a dime, you won’t have to pay anything.Some of the benefits of HELOC include adjustable rate, flexible terms of payment, and once the total amount of loan owed is repaid, and you will be able to borrow it again. Most people apply for HELOC to support emergency funds. As the money is available for withdrawal, it can somehow add financial security as need arises.Bridge Loans
If you are planning to sell your house and you need cash to make improvements for your house before selling it, then you will be interested in availing bridge loans. So this type of loan is most used by typical home sellers.Some of the features of bridge loans include having competitive loan costs which could reach up to 80% of the total market value, and payments can be settled after 3 or 4 months after release.These loans can be helpful at times when you are in great need of money. However, take note that the risk of losing your valuable asset is at risk hence before considering to apply for any loan, try to find other resources which will put you at less risk or no risk at all.

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