Don’t Qualify For Loan Modification? You Still Can Avoid Foreclosure Even If You Can’t Make Payments

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The fact that you didn’t’ meet the requirements of Obama’s mortgage blueprint, naturally isn’t new. In fact, you’re not the only one; the majority of homeowners didn’t meet the requirements either. Added to the numerous requirements already in place, it wasn’t surprising the plan failed and recently the government finally admitted their plan didn’t have the effect they thought it would.Fortunately, their qualifications don’t need to be met, at the moment, for you to hold on to your house. It’s possible to confront the foreclosure process on your own. A little knowledge along with a few hidden secret methods are the only things you need to stay in your home another two to three years without making another mortgage payment.Truth be told, most people want to make their mortgage payments, it’s just that the current economy is so bad it has become difficult for large segments of the population to continue to make payments. Luckily, several methods are available that will allow you to hold on to your home until you reach the point that submitting an application for a modified loan is right for you.A large majority of loan modification applicants have indicated that their first application was declined so they submit a second application. There is a good chance that your subsequent applications will be denied also; however, a second denial can be avoided with a few simple strategies.A number of homeowners were instructed to submit an application for a totally different loan adjustment program. These instructions were partially-true, but it is potentially an overly difficult process for the homeowner. With a little procedural knowledge, it is possible to get an approval on your subsequent applications and eliminate all the hassles.The first thing to do is remain in your home prior to applying for the loan; as soon as you leave or abandon the property it’s too late to do anything further. Scrutinizing your closing contract for mistakes or errors is an extremely effective method to follow.Generally, three to seven-year-old contracts contain multiple mistakes and these mistakes are effective methods of battling with your lender and the smallest error can become a powerful tool for defending yourself and will help you retain your ownership for a number of years.That is only one of many methods available to you. Composing a financial distress letter and asking for a hearing in court are a couple of other viable methods to make use of. Making the effort and understanding the ins and outs of the foreclosure process could put you in a legally correct position which will allow you retain your home for several years, despite the fact that you are unable to continue with your monthly payment commitment.This information is no secret to attorneys or loan agencies, but it’s certainly information they are not going to share. If it became common knowledge, it would cut into their profit margin. I’m sure you understand that they receive an income from defending you in court.The fact an attorney isn’t really necessary is fortunate for you, since this process is quite easy if you have the ability to clarify your situation in an intelligent and thoughtful manner. Understanding the rules and legalities of the documents and system allow you to stay in your house for an extended period of time.

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