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The assembly can be monitored consumers’ needs or complaints about a particular product. Companies are using robots to set priorities and help to ensure that sufficient time. Project Tracker is a very simple, consisting of the bank, all the business logic and application or web interface. The database stores information about the error and logical interfaces to handle all went records.The allows users to use the program management.Users can add, edit, or read the introduced defects. The changes are stored in a database of staff to make information about these changes. The history of all actions in a database which referencing.Entries to specific users, the project manager and general manager are stored, or are the responsibility of the person, role, in particular resolution. Outlined key tasks organized letter by priority level. The problem can be transferred, if necessary, or made comments to avoid interference with the relevant activities on a daily basis users.How? Error Monitoring to monitor all outstanding issues on the basis of a state of emergency. A critical problem that requires urgent action, and the zero-one risk factor can be postponed until it is available. Other factors are the severity of the complaints customer.Date input description, sample solution and the reproduction of common tasks that are stored by the monitoring program. They are designed to improve workflow, so that all the problems associated with one place to control access. Not the problems of efficient administration and staff are responsible for follow-up services tasks.Customer ignored the call is an example of the implementation of the scheme. Customer contacts a technician or a representative to report the problem. You can overcome this problem and the best possible information to consumers. For example, information on the environment, because of an error, and the ticket includes all the necessary information factors.A generated the error monitoring system. Given the primary responsibility, and update the work at issue is settled. Companies included in the decision system to keep the representatives informed. The ticket is marked complete, if the problem was solved correctly. Is this a known problem or a problem with the project marked complete, but still considered a priority by management.This process can operate in different industries, including product development, internal systems, customer service and technical support department can be used. System suppliers or website offering the same functionality, but includes new features to meet customer requirements. This is a list of topics, online help, error filtering, e-mail messages, notes, search, business and lists.A be selective in relation to purchase or subscribe for any of the monitoring program. Enough time to have to provide the useful functions at a reasonable price. Follow the supplier to the characteristics and costs. Trackers are a great tool that companies use, in order to improve the productivity of employees .

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