Federal Government Debt Relief Loans

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The Obama administration has stepped in to help reduce consumer debt with free government debt consolidation loans. One example of a successful government relief programs is the DOE, part of the Direct Loan Consolidation program. These programs helps consolidate your loans into one single low-interest loan. High-interest debts from credit cards, student loans, medical bills, and many other types of debt, can be paid off and you pay the single low interest loan. With the DOE program you lower your monthly payment through extended payment terms, such as ten-year or twenty-year payment plans creating the opportunity for you to slowly pay off you debt with a smaller payment each month.If you are wondering the best way to get started then you can continue right here online. From the comfort of your home of office you can connect with several free government and private debt counseling services with the aim of helping you determine which programs may apply to your individual situation. The amount of help available right now is unprecedented, so the odds are that no matter what your financial situation is there is likely a program that can help you.With unemployment still a big issue today it is comforting to know that our government is helping – your lenders also benefit because your debts are paid back in full, you benefit from lower interest rates and sometimes even from the elimination of some of your debt. The whole country benefits from a return of optimism to our economy. Request a free quote today and see which programs are available to help you become debt free months or even years earlier than you thought possible.

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