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Generators and Buses Powered By Yuchai Engines Featured in Football Premium events in Qatar

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As the highly anticipated Football Premium event is staging its most exciting competitions, over one million fans arrived in Qatar. To meet this overwhelmingly large influx of fans, the Qatari government has specially built multiple accommodation compounds and recreation facilities, which are powered by 153 Yuchai power generator sets including 58 units of 1100kW high-horsepower generators. To address Qatar’s challenging hot and dry environment punctuated with sand and wind, Yuchai is using special filters to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of its generators.

In addition to the generator sets, more than 500 Chinese coach buses powered by Yuchai engines are shuttling between the stadiums and various facilities, providing reliable transportation for large groups of fans, players and staff workers to the games, including 90 coach buses equipped with Yuchai’s state-of-the-art natural gas engines.

Yuchai’s highly regarded service team arrived in Qatar two months before the start of the competition to install and fine-tune the generators. During the competition, Yuchai’s service team insisted on being on call 24 hours a day, to guarantee timely and efficient professional services, and making every effort to ensure fans uninterrupted power supplies.

Yuchai has more than 70 years of engine development and manufacturing history with its cumulative production and sales exceeding 10 million units. Yuchai’s product range covers traditional internal combustion (diesel, natural gas and multi-fuel mix) and new energy power (fuel cells, range extenders, plug-in hybrid).

Yuchai’s presence on the largest stage for the most demanding customers further demonstrates its  engines’ outstanding reliability, performance and service guarantees. By combining the traditional engines with  advancing new energy power technologies, we are better positioned for future growth anywhere in the world.”

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