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Geo-Targeting Your Campaigns

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Implementing a PPC strategy enables you to advertise to a mass audience, or to target Internet users in a specific geographic location. Both Google AdWords and Yahoo! Advertising PPC campaigns provide you with the opportunity to
target customers not only on a state or provincial level, but also on a local level, by displaying advertisements only to potential customers conducting searches in your business’s local area.

With AdWords alone, you can choose to target over 250 different countries in up to 14 different languages. You can also choose to advertise within over 200 different regions throughout the United States. Geo-targeting provides you with an increased level of control over where your ads are displayed and how they figure into your advertising budget. By targeting only those locations where you wish your ads to appear, you can maximize your online advertising dollars, whether you are working with a small or a large budget.

Again, geo-targeting of your ads in social media like Facebook and LinkedIn is covered in those chapters.


When you are analyzing your Web traffic logs, you will most likely notice that your traffic levels spike on a particular day of the week or during a specific time period throughout the day. When monitoring the performance of your PPC strategy, you can also note when searchers are more apt to click on one of your ads to visit your site and learn more about what you have to offer. If you notice a significant increase in your click-through rates at a specific time, you can capitalize on this increased visibility.

Adjusting your PPC advertising strategy to capitalize on traffic during a particular point of the day is what is referred to as “dayparting.” Reports reveal that when you capture your target market when they are more apt to visit your Web site (for instance, during a particular time of the day, or on a particular day of the week), they will be more apt to click on your ad and ultimately convert to a customer. This strategy requires in-depth analysis of conversion rates, click-through rates, and general traffic levels  The basic premise behind dayparting is that advertisers increase their CPC during the time of the day when searchers will be most apt to view information on their products and services. By increasing your CPC during this time frame, you maximize the exposure for your services and products—provided that you are presenting the searcher with optimized ads.


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