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It was not possible to collect and analyze companies in the country before 20 Century. In 1970, the decision to introduce the business support. Support systems that analyze the part at a time. In 1980, information management systems were introduced. Effective knowledge management can be summarized as the current activities of the organization. In 1990, the improvement of business intelligence for the introduction of information technology. Customer relationship management has improved. Advanced management techniques, along with the development of new technologies, reports and analysis for corporate planning. These new findings have led a holistic approach as performance management. The government is the concept of an integrated strategic performance management planning.The was in 2001, Gartner Research introduced. Corporate Performance Management (CPM), also known as business performance management. Describes a process, methods, metrics and systems needed to manage the organization’s activities. Key characteristics of performance management is fully integrated, automated data processing is concentrated, the promotion of cooperation, the analytical point of view and at three levels exceptions.The performance management, the level of customer applications and data. Important steps in performance management, including strategic planning, capacity planning and assessment, budgeting, forecasting, consolidation and strategic intelligence.While is a prerequisite for any attempt to work is to evaluate the results before to examine the strategic planning. Performance management indicators to assess the current situation of the company. Metric data are consistent and accurate. Corporate performance management to accelerate the process of budgeting and forecasting, improve accuracy, and ensure that the audit of financial statements. Predictability of aid agencies to take appropriate measures, depending on the occasion. Consolidation is an important part of the CMP. The funding depends on the consolidation. Business intelligence means transforming data into information. This information is used to create .

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