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Although in recent years fewer points have been allocated to content in the keywords meta-tags, it is important to keep your eyes on the total score—if there are any points at all allocated to this element, you want them all. As we’ve already mentioned, the site with the highest total score appears at the top of the search results, so you are going after every point you can get.

The keywords meta-tag, <META-NAME=“keywords” CONTENT=“…”> tells search engines under which keywords to index your site. When a user types one of the words you listed here, you are telling the search engine that your site should be displayed in the results. A space or comma can be used to separate the words. Do not repeat the keyword frequently; rather, repeat the keyword about five times in different phrases. Be wary of keyword dilution by using too
many different terms in this tag. You should create a unique keywords tag for each page of your site that lists the appropriate keywords for that particular page.

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