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Do you own your mobile home? Are you stuck under a pile of debts with no way out? You have many options including, bankruptcy, debt consolidation, credit counseling, and mobile home refinance debt consolidation. Let’s take a look at each of these.First, you could file bankruptcy, but this is not a good option for most. You would most likely lose your mobile home and any vehicles you own as well. You would also ruin your credit for the next 10 years and have very little to show for it. This is an option for only the incredibly desperate.Second, you could get a debt consolidation loan, but if you have bad credit you can scratch this one. If you have decent to good credit you can consolidate all your debts into one with a loan.Third, there is always not for profit credit counseling. This is a good option and is a great alternative to bankruptcy because if will provide you a way out of your situation and you will get counseling to make sure you do not end up back in the same situation again. This is a great option and is highly recommended.Fourth, you can use a mobile home refinance debt consolidation loan to get out of debt. There are still lenders that will refinance your mobile home and help you get out of some of your debts. This can really help because your collateral will win you a better loan and possibly a larger loan as well.

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