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Meta-indexes are lists of Internet resources pertaining to a specific subject category and are intended as a resource for people who have a specific interest in that topic. These lists consist of a collection of URLs of related Internet resources that are arranged on a Web page by their titles.

Some of these meta-indexes have a “Submit” or “Add Your Site” area; otherwise you have to develop a request-for-inclusion email and send it to the owner of the site. In your inclusion-request email, let the owner know that you
visited the site and feel that your site would be appropriate to be included. Give the reasons you think your site is appropriate and request the link. You should provide the HTML for the link as well.

Meta-indexes are directed at a specific topic, such as “Connecticut fitness centers” or “LA antique car dealerships.” Meta-indexes provide easy access to a number of sites on a specific topic, and they are a great way to draw targeted, interested people to your Web site. In addition, some users might rely on meta-indexes as their only search effort. They might not use a search engine to perform a query on Detroit accountants, for example, if they know a certain meta-index contains 200 sites on Detroit accountants. Where search engine results will show links to actual Detroit accountants, they might also show books on accounting, or Web pages relating to accounting software. Experienced Web users know that meta-indexes provide only links to the actual Web sites of Detroit accountants. Meta-indexes can increase your
chances of being found by people who are interested in your products or services.


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