Olympus E-P5 mirrorless camera were leaked

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Olympus E-P5 mirrorless camera

Olympus E-P5 mirrorless camera

Olympus E-P5 mirrorless camera

Just the added day added photos of the Olympus E-P5 mirrorless camera were leaked, and now acknowledgment to added leaks (via Mobile01 and 43Rumors), added blueprint of the camera accept aswell been revealed. So far what we do apperceive of the E-P5 is that it will be a 16MP with a angry LCD display. According to these new leaks, the 16MP sensor and the angry LCD accept been confirmed, with the angel sensor getting the aforementioned as the E-M5, and the LCD affectation featuring 1.04 actor dots. Added blueprint of the E-P5 includes the TruePic VI angel processing engine, an bigger autofocus arrangement which is said to be commensurable to the E-M5, bigger 5-axis stabilization, 5fps shooting, focus peaking, bang 1/8000 sec and as mentioned in the antecedent rumors, will appear with congenital WiFi for wireless appointment of photos and videos. Still no chat on if absolutely will the camera be clearly announced, but affront not as we will accumulate our eyes and aerial bald for added information.

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