San Diego DUI Defense Lawyer – Defenses to Get You Out of Jail

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Driving Under the Influence is a serious charge. Even if it is a misdemeanor charge against you, meaning that no one was hurt when the police made the arrest, the possibility of jail time, fines and a permanent record on you is something worth considering about. California has one of the strictest laws against DUI because of the vast highways it probably has and among the cities and counties, San Diego has one of the most stringent policies. Part of the reason for this is because San Diego shares the border between the United States and Mexico and because of this, the perennial onslaught of college folk and vacationers sojourning through this city to Mexico may give rise to cases of DUI especially on the way back from Tijuana to the United States. Every year there are around 16000 DUI cases being handled in San Diego alone. However, their laws have had a good effect. During this year’s summer season, though there have been 2000 arrests of DUI, there have been no DUI related fatalities on record. Could it be that the recent financial crisis has led to a decrease in out of town vacations? Maybe so, but still there are more people alive today because of that particular statistics.There are also cases when some DUI arrests may have been done by overzealous cops. This is not a perfect world and these things happen. If by chance you happen to be one of those who were unfortunate enough to be cited for such, the best bet for you is to get a local San Diego DUI defense lawyer to represent you. Granted that getting a local DUI lawyer may be costly but it’s worth the amount considering the alternative. What are the defenses these lawyers will use to counter the arrest?- They will look at the video to see if you were cooperative and did not look inebriated.- They will probably look at the time line between you being observed for DUI which has to be 15 minutes without any breaks or stops. This will start at the time the police will mention that you are being observed for DUI.- They will listen to the conversation to see if the police had correctly told you that the field sobriety test is a voluntary one and that you could refuse it.- They will look at your medical records to find out if you have any condition that could have caused you to have such high blood alcohol levels.In such cases a local San Diego DUI defense lawyer is your best bet to get out of such a situation.

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