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As a professional writer, I feel the same writer ‘s block when it comes to my blog. And I ‘ve also heard of many small businesses: “I don ‘ t have time to ” “I have nothing to say ” or “I know that ‘s how to write ” . But because blogs small business so crucial to the ranking of your website, your social media strategy and your online presence is, I was still pushing and my clients to write a blog regularly. And in the spirit to help us all, I is a list of 10 ideas, we must begin! Compiled first Join Google Alerts: You can daily or weekly alerts about Google for your area or region of interest. Get your coffee, check the warnings, and write a short article on the best, with links. Don ‘useful content for your readers.2. Ask your customers or readers a question: What do you want to know more about your industry / your service / product? Make a list of questions, contributions devoted to answer any one.3. Read magazines for ideas. If you don ‘t have time to read the entire magazine, you scan the titles of the most fascinating articles, just readand this blog about it.4. Write to the experience of a client. If you share your successes with your readers, you build your brand.5. Blog of a video. If you ‘re already on YouTube, please write a short description of the video and send it to your blog.6. Sometimes writing something personal. A story about your children, your cat or your last trip to Whole Foods can copy operation, and make you more interesting to your readers.7. Write a product that will benefit you and your readers. Opinion of an individual are more reliable than traditional marketing communications and this trend will only grow as the world becomes more social. One of the criticisms are fair and reasonable confidence resource.8 position. Report on industry trends. Maybe you ‘s a real estate brokerage which is the local market? If you ‘a photographer, you might about the latest trends in the report of wedding photography. Show that you know what ‘ s world.9 know in your next. Interviews with employees: If you have employees, you can write a catchy interview with them about their lives, why they come to love the work, hobbies, etc. This puts a personal face on your brand.10. Don ‘a contractor whoseBrain does not prevent this from ever holding a notebook and pen with you to record your ideas, or using your smartphone. You ‘s be surprised what you come to more than a week be “time s! I hope this was a helpful post! And my last advice is: blog, if you ‘re creative and then remain at that time. It takes 3 weeks to get good habits so that adherence to a schedule to create the habit of blogging to improve and fix your brain. Remember, blogging for your small business website is one of the most important ways to market your small business!

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