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Expert WordPress (EWP) is the creation of expert bloggers Alex Sysoef. Expert WordPress is not just a blog, is a business-blogging. Alex has assembled a collection of plugins and created a theme that is easily modified optimized for monetization. Remember that it takes on the technical complications, most bloggers Don ‘t want, and will probably never use, or. However, that s ‘not where it stops. Alex has always believed that you more than you promise. I hope this review will show you how it so.The Expert WordPress package is more than just plugins and themes. Alex, who has a gift for teaching, contains about 11 hours in-depth training and assistance to more quickly installed and operational. Not only is it for you on blogs, but it also teaches you about business blogs – the art of making money with your blog. Below is an overview of the issues in this video clothing depth training video of your face should be covered, is a guide to what videos you have to watch and what tasks you need to have the first or follow you to make your own pace. Itexplains what things you need to make your blog successful, and provides an overview of the excellent things ReadyThe stands next four training videos start with a solid explanation of how to research niche. I ‘m convinced that this video of the actual process of keyword research and identify potentially profitable niches much better than a written explanation.Once a niche has been identified, three videos will guide you through the process research and recording a domain, setting up a hosting account and install it on your blog. The best way to use it is to pause the video, it’s how you take one of your experts step.Installation Business WordPress blog in three simple steps process.1. Download the installation file to your blog host. 2nd Unzip the files into the blog up the installation file. Create the third database, which shows the video blog operate.The how to do this requires excellent. Pause the video just like you every step you take and the ‘have a blog and in no time. The video is complete, you will learn how to customize your new blog. This first part is almost an hour and 15 minutes of your great instruction.WorkingWordPress BlogThis second group of eight videos will be well placed on the street by WordPress championship. Learn what you need to know to use the interface of WordPress dashboard to create content and contributions on both sides. Topics include: – Creation of jobs – Media – With surveys – Working with Comments – Using WordPress as a CMS (Content Management System) – Use a static home page these videos really help beyond the stage where you have to worry about the tool needed to reach your WordPress blog blogging task.Monetizing experts as an enterprise system called. I describe this way because of the strong integration of plugins monetization code and techniques that make it to Moneymaker right out the door. There are more than two and half hours of content on how to use a blog for the Internet, including video on ClickBank, AdSense, RSS, e-mail marketing affiliate marketing, and win advertising.Driving targeted traffic to your course BlogOf All methods are based on the monetization of traffic. If content is king on the Internet, traffic is queen of the internet marketer. Nearly two hours of videos explain what you can do exactly the kind of traffic you driveYou want your blog and other content such as squeeze pages and social networking sites. Topics in this section include: – driving targeted traffic to your blog – Social Bookmarking – Social networks – pings and trackbacks – Video Traffic – Article Marketing for Traffic – Blog Carnival for the movement and the Authority – Web Marketing 2.0 Style – review and invited to display traffic – marketing forum under the hood WordPress & Backup, upgrade

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