South Carolina Student Loan Corporation

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South Carolina Student Loan Corporation is a non profit organization since 1973 offering loans to students to finance their education and make college education possible for a number of students. This institution is designated by the State of South Carolina. It is the one and only state wide non profit educational money lender for student’s loan.Goal and MissionThe main aim of the institution is to provide financial assistance to students and their parents, thereby enabling them to achieve their educational goal without delay and hardship. Professional assistance is offered to administrators and counselors of these programs thereby enabling them to carry out their function and responsibility without any hindrance.Top benefits from Loan Corporation Ensuring there is no deviation from core values such as integrity, respect, service, value for people and teamwork, this corporation offers a number of benefits. They are as follows
No application fee
No federal default fee
No origination fee
Excellent money saving benefits
Flexible loan repayment options
Programs offered by South Carolina Loan CorporationLoan Corporation offers a number of programs and they are as follows
Federal Graduate PLUS Loans
Federal Stafford Loans
Federal Parent PLUS Loans
South Carolina (SC) Teachers Loan
SC Program of Alternative Certification for Educators Program (PACE)Loan
Palmetto Assistance Loan (PAL)
Residency and Relocation (PAL) Loan
Law Practice Review and Exam Preparation Loan (PREP) PAL Loan
SC Career Changers Loan
SC Scholarship and Consolidation In addition to loan programs the SCSLC offers scholarships worth $1,000 every month. Consolidation services are also offered by the organization both for Federal as well as private loans. These loans are offered at a comparatively lower rate of interest and convenient repayment options. Loan forgiveness programs are offered subject to the fulfillment of certain conditions.

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