Spokane Washington’s Cambell House: A Great Place to Visit!

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Spokane Campbell House – If art is the desire of a man to express himself, then he has conveyed a striking message through the Campbell House: artistic, historic and stunning.Located at the historic Browne’s Addition, the house was built in 1898 with the supervision of famed architect Kirtland K. Cutter. This Spokane’s pride attraction is one of the exhibits and collections by the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture. It is classified as a Neoclassical Revival home meaning the architecture was inspired from ancient Greece and Rome. It is designed with:
Symmetrical shapes
Tall columns to emphasize the full height of the building
Triangular pediments which are low-pitched triangular gables on the frontHere are notes that will interest visitors:
Amasa Campbell, Spokane’s mining legend wanted a house that had a more picturesque English Tudor Revival dwelling. Responding to his request, architect Cutter provided a handsome exterior of stucco, sandstone, brick and heavy timbers.
Helen Campbell, Amasa’s daughter gave the house to the Eastern Washington State Historical Society. This served as a living remembrance of her mother, Grace Campbell who died in 1924. Since then, the house transformed into a community museum offering historical and art exhibits.
The Campbell House underwent a formal restoration project during the period of 1984-2001. The structures, landscape, designs, technological systems, and furnishings were all refurbished.
The design of the main house, the carriage house and the service wing was intricately tailored to suit their particular functions. At the first floor with two levels, a dark wood-paneled entry hall is found. A French reception room is located at the right of the hall. The library’s wooden beams and the fireplace sit at the left. The fireplace creates a cozy ambience when lit.
The large dining room is spectacular, a perfect household view with blue and white Dutch tiles encircling the fireplace.
There is more to the veranda around the back of the house than a place to relax. It also offers a view of the Spokane River.
Other features of the house include a game room, well-planned service areas, and four upstairs bedrooms.
To get through the Campbell House, a registration at the Museum Admissions Desk is needed. Subsequently, a 45-minute guided tour will be offered hourly from 12 to 3 PM Wednesdays through Saturdays. Once entering the pristine area, you’ll be celebrating the ways of Spokane’s elite during the Victorian era.
The adjacent carriage house is the starting point of the exhibit that introduces the Campbell household and community issues as well.
School visits and adult group tours must be booked 3 weeks in advance.
During the Holiday Season, the house will be decorated to tune in with Christmas celebration from a later day of November through early January.The house is an embodiment of how art interprets life at the turn of the 20th century. As a house museum, it further encourages a deeper understanding of the complexities of the human life.What are you waiting for? Grab a visit now and return to an ‘Age of Elegance.’ A remarkable tour awaits you at the Campbell House.

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