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Strayer University is a private school in the United States. The university is in Arlington Virginia. There are 43 universities, Strayer University, and has more than 27,000 students. College students and online. Strayer University students are day scholars, no housing for students. Middle States Commission on Higher Accreditation by the Law University.History Strayer University will grant Dr. Irving S Strayer, Maryland was founded in 1892, the University and in 1998 received the status of the University of the District of Columbia Licensing Board of Education. Strayer University started very small, and it has been slow and has offices in the United States. For Microsoft – – the database technology in Windows 2000, Windows NT, economics, gender studies, Information Systems, Internet Technologies, marketing controlling, procurement and contract management, computer systems, networks: Associate of Arts: The following programs are offered Strayer University. Bachelor and work programs: Bachelor of Business Administration in various areas, namely the procurement and contract management, banking, e-business, finance, hospitality and human resource management, law studies, management, marketing and retail management corso sciences in various fields such as accounting , information systems, computer networks and related software fields. Master Equipment Master of Business Administration from the same office. The Master of Education in areas such as management structure and educational technology in teaching. The Master of Science in communications technology, for example, and related information systems and accounting software and related fields.Diploma professional qualifications in areas such as accounting, purchasing and contract data management and related industries, the work of Internet technology, network security , networks, and graduate certificate programs development executive: Graduate Certificate in Business Administration and Information Systems and related fields and professions, the accounts and related fields.Undergraduate certificate programs: Diploma in Accounting and Business Administration, and related information systems in connection with and related fields. Financing: Enrollment continues. College full time (13.5 hours or more points per quarter) $ 1,215 a course and part-time (less than 13.5 points per quarter) $ 1.285. All studios are $ 1.630 per course. Financial aid is for scholarships, awards, active duty military, veterans benefits, federal and state grants, loans and work study aid etc.Classes available: online courses and are on campus and a high degree of flexibility. Online classes can directly, and the inclusion of synchronous and asynchronous classes. Students have the choice between the timeline and the University or at any time. Books are available on the Internet. Tests conducted on campus and online .

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