The role of information technology in business

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Information Technology (IT) to provide an alarm commercial and industrial companies. These systems enable companies to efficiently and efficiently.The systems of information technology business can be divided into four groups, ie the operation of communications, business management and computer applications. these systems feature allows individuals to function effectively in the workplace. Examples of such systems, word processing, spreadsheets, statistical software and computer-aided design (CAD) are. Employees can work and work alone or in combination, these technologies.Network Systems Network of IT software enables efficient communication within and outside the organization. Examples of simple e-mail (e-mail), blogs, wikis, instant messaging (IM) and electronic conferences. These technologies encourage interaction and cooperation between groups and to facilitate rapid information flow between all levels.Management systemsMITS planned IT is an application, handling and convert it into useful management information systems making.In principle subsets of the IT company. Due to the significant role that GIS plays an important company here is businesses.Management information technology at various levels and to implement management information systems levels.Basic These examples are systems management, information management, human resources, financial and management information systems, information systems, marketing management system was systems.Enterprise enterprise IT developed to integrate and manage business processes in large organizations. In general, the software is more or less servers in the network. The data transmission can be internal or information systems external.Examples accounting software, software for health care or a specific electronic data interchange (EDI). Another example of this category of software (CRM Customer Relationship Management, Customer). Information technology plays different roles in the business world, and offers a wide range of features that enhance the performance of management. It is very important to understand the four major categories of systems and their functions in a corporate environment .

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