Tips and Tricks on Student Consolidation Loans

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Though these loans are great for getting hold of the benefits portrayed above, there are many things that must be taken into account when undertaking student debt consolidation that may reduce or boost these benefits. Since knowledge doesn’t take up space, read on and make sure to remember these tips and tricks so you can make the most out of your debt consolidation loan:Keep your Government Loans and your Private Loans ApartFederal student loans usually come with many benefits you surely want to keep. This includes a significantly lower interest rate that you won’t be able to beat with any private consolidation loan. So if you need to consolidate your federal student loans, you’ll need to resort to government consolidation programs. Use private consolidation loans only with private student loans.Focus on getting rid of variable rate loansThough sometimes lower, variable rates tend to be a problem since you cannot predict market variations and thus your budgeting may be useless. If possible, consolidate all your variable rate loans into a single fixed interest student consolidation loan and leave fixed interest rate loans aside unless you can get a significantly lower interest rate with the consolidation loan.Watch for prepaying penaltiesSome lenders penalize those who pay off their debt sooner by adding extraordinary fees to the overall debt claiming additional administrative costs. If this is the case, you should leave low balance loans aside. If the fees are not covered by the amount of money you’ll be saving by consolidating the loan you will want to continue paying the loan on its original terms.Keep your credit report cleanTry not to incur in delinquencies as this will be recorded into your credit history and prevent you from getting a good interest rate when applying for a consolidation loan. Before applying, always request your credit report and make sure everything is in order. If you happen to find any inconsistencies, contact the credit agency immediately and demand that they correct the inaccuracies. Many have been denied loans just because a credit agency employee had made a mistake.Avoid Trading Loan Length in exchange of Lower monthly paymentsUnless you really can’t afford the loan installments, refrain from extending the length of the loan. It is best to get lower monthly payments by agreeing to a lower interest rate than to get them by adding to the number of outstanding monthly payments. Extending the loan length may solve your current cash flow problems by reducing your installments, but will increase the overall cost of the student consolidation loan turning it into a bad deal. It is best to cut on your expenses for a little while till your income increases than to consent on many years more of annoying debt.


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