Getting Approved With Bad Credit to Buy a Car For Black Friday Special Sales

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Around special holidays when people will be off work, car dealerships will frequently advertise special prices on automobiles. Black Friday is a popular time of year for such advertising. Some of the pricing can be very, very exciting and when you have bad credit, you may be left wondering how you can get approved so that you can take advantage of the price specials.One of the quickest ways to get approved so that you can enjoy the Black Friday car prices, is online. This is especially the case if you have a low credit score.It can take some time for car dealerships to get someone approved if they have bad credit, leaving you to have to wait. This can cause you to miss out on the many low prices offered by car dealers on Black Friday or other holidays.Getting approved online is much quicker through legitimate lending sources.You can apply online with some sites, get approved the same day and be able to go pick out a car to buy. Aside from speed of loan approval, there are also other benefits of using online auto financing that can help you, as well. One such advantage is that you aren’t limited to the inventory of just one car dealership. You have more selection, as your financing is pre-arranged before you go car shopping. Also, you can benefit from lower interest rates as there are no middlemen (dealerships) that are adding points to your interest rate to make a profit from.To qualify for instant online auto loans quick so you can take advantage of Black Friday car deals:
You must be 18 years old
Have a valid driver’s license and social security number
Have an income of atleast $1700.00 per month
Not have a repossession in the last 12 months UNLESS included in a discharged bankruptcy
If in a chapter 13 bankruptcy, you must have a letter authorizing you to incur debt (from the court)
Meet basic lending requirements

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