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Geographic Information System (GIS) and geographic information systems collect, store, analyze and present management information about the situation. Strictly speaking, the term a system that integrates data, store, analyze, edit, distribute and display spatial data. A more general sense, GIS tools, the user interactive queries (created) are able to create, analyze spatial information, edit data, maps and present the results of all these operations.Location important – even now, when so many of the companies in a virtual environment, the physical location of the property supports, and potential customers can not be ignored. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) as OnDemandGIS are the latest tools for the analysis of information about their situation and results in easy-to cards that the value and usefulness of information will increase understanding it. GIS provides a unique solution that fulfills several tasks simultaneously, and the combined results of the converts to share data from multiple data sources and effectively. GIS technology combines the use of available shared database, such as statistical analysis and visualization of the hearing, and the unique advantages of maps of the geographic analysis. These abilities distinguish GIS from other computer systems and their wide range of useful applications to problems and plan for the future to solve, by looking at data in a way that is understood to be shared quickly and easily. Location and connections of 80 percent of corporate data. Geographic Business Intelligence allows companies to use this information to organize and understand complex business processes by addressing issues and problems related to the environment, conditions, trends and patterns. Questions: What are the things – assets – customers – Outputs – Staff – Follow-up
In the field – potential customers – dealers right – the country is divided – in stores near schools – recycling facilities
In the field – competitors – Resources – Computer Repair
How – sales area – crime area – size of the market – retail
Get attention – Customer demographics – life – competitive position – a danger to the environment – planning
Where is your problem – the lack of infrastructure – abandoned car – street lighting
Location – Plan – The Hawker – Programming
What can I do here – Jobs – detailed – schedules, inventory
What – if analysis of the plan for the flood – is the common denominator of disasters planningThe the GIS site, address, office or at home – a danger to the environment. BI information about geographical location, like the surface of an office building or household income. I have the opportunity to benefit from a feature description, or location, the company can combine GIS.Benefits of how to make better decisions to
Thank you to combine the location and further information relating to enterprise data, companies can get basic information to help businesses grow. Companies can choose from the regional surveys in retail sales, customer service and places of interest, information and thematic maps and reports to facilitate business decisions faster and better. Improve the efficiency and reduce costs:
The GIS information is made available to significantly improve the operational planning and management, and reconstruction and improvement of business processes used. To help provide solutions for route optimization and planning and reporting. To improve customer service and increase sales:
Understanding the customer to provide the best service and more people than they need to increase sales. GIS will help companies identify their best customers and use the status of requests to the geographical areas of similar demographic characteristics used to identify the market trends to prioritize. Better service and cheaper for citizens:
Non-governmental organizations, particularly local authorities face major challenges in the current economic situation. Face to serve the growing population, with higher service expectations, while before declining resources. GIS provides an effective solution to basic services for citizens, improving as permits / licenses, design, maintenance, facilities management and public transport .

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